Plan On It!
CMI Resources Partners with Western Independent Bankers

Efficient Contract Negotiations Make Annual Conferences A Success

• Wanted contract negotiator for ten meetings per year
• Needed the volume purchasing buying power of an experienced meeting planner

• Hired CMI Resources

• Hotel booking costs reduced
• Rebate received from savings

Western Independent Bankers (WIB) is a unique regional association of 325 community-oriented banks and savings & loans in 11 US states. Established in 1937, the organization has taken a leadership role in providing community banks with an avenue to share information, while assisting members to achieve the highest standards of personal and organizational performance.

For more than 40 years,
WIB’s Annual Conference has been the organization’s trademark of quality. But when CMI first approached the organization with the benefits of its travel management services, WIB President and CEO Nancy Sheppard was skeptical. “Initially I was not interested. We had tried that once before with a different company and it didn’t work out as well as I hoped. But at the time we were growing as an organization and looking for some different venues in Hawaii for the Conference, and CMI finally convinced us that their services would make a difference. And they certainly did.”

Over the past seven years,
CMI’s buying power has helped WIB achieve significant savings on hotel rooms. Prior to one event, Sheppard asked a hotel previously booked by WIB if they could secure a better rate by booking directly, rather than through CMI. She discovered that CMI’s volume purchasing discounts always produced the best rate available. “We’ve investigated the situation from a variety of angles, and even talked to another event planning firm, but what we learned only reinforced our decision to stay with CMI, because the value and level of service they provide cannot be beat.”

The company was so pleased with
CMI’s services that in one 10-day period, WIB signed 10 contracts covering a multitude of meetings over the next four years, with attendances ranging from just 20 at various regional meetings to more than 900 at the Annual Conference. “CMI is always there for us,” Sheppard said. “They’ve provided us with whatever we’ve needed to make every event run smoothly.”

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